13 Eco-friendly Items To Keep In Your Bag

The designer uses innovative processes and materials such as organic cotton, forest-friendly fibers, recycled polyester and regenerated cashmere to make all his products. Polish brand Atomy Studios uses the concept of lean manufacturing, which was first conceived by Toyota’s makers in Japan. It focuses on reducing waste, both in materials and in labor, where humans are first in the production chain. It emphasizes how important it is for them to make the right choices, to offer high-quality products with respect for their employees and the planet.

Each bag on the label is handmade locally, using traditional plant-based tanning techniques and deliberately sourced materials. Artisans need up to 12 days to produce a single piece, demonstrating the brand’s passion for skilled craftsmanship and eco-friendly design processes. We love their signature natural resin handles, guaranteed to make any outfit look stylish. Chylak’s new collection is a durable version of moiré, an intricate fabric that has been handcrafted in France by a family business for more than five generations. Been London is a handbag brand that is labeled by British Vogue as one of the most innovative fashion companies in the world. Using recycled leather and dead stock fabrics, Been has partnered with one of east London’s newest handbag manufacturers to create designs without waste.

They mainly use natural fibers and durable tanned leather for the products. The leather is LWG certified and complies with the REACH standard requirements. Their products are beautifully designed in classic and timeless styles and made of high quality materials.

Our favorites are Technik leather, made from polycarbonate from recycled materials, and Banbū, made from biodegradable bamboo. These innovative fibers are made in multifunctional cube pockets, crossbody’s and buyers, which are excellent investment pieces. Bellroy wants to improve the way people wear their daily necessities. From purses to weekends and everything in between, such as bags, slings and backpacks, B Corp uses eco-certified leather and non-toxic fabrics to make accessories that are tightly sewn and well woven. Simply put, they’re designed to last, but the three-year warranty covers any material and labor failure just in case.

HYER GOODS is a New York-based leather goods brand that selects handmade products, including handbags, wallets and accessories. By recycling “waste,” it eliminates the huge energy footprint needed to grow land, livestock, Accessories KIT crops and fertilizers, while reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. We love HYER GOODS’ twist on a classic baguette bag silhouette from the ’90s, executed on the brand’s most luxurious recycled leather waste.

A life cycle analysis found that Been London bags have a carbon footprint that is 87% lower than an equivalent bag purchased on the main street. For every bag purchased, Been plants a tree with the NGO Tree Nation. Since 2015, New York-based brand Kintu has partnered with artisans around the world to produce luxury handbags with an emphasis on generational preservation of art and craftsmanship. Created by his lifelong friends Zi Xuan and Yijia Wang, Advene is a new luxury accessories brand that prioritizes careful design and responsible manufacturing. The leather used is 100% traceable, comes from food by-products and is produced in a gold standard scope-C tannery certified by the Leather Working Group.