Freedom of The Press Is Essential For Democracy

In countries where dictators control the population, the press is either blocked or absent. Government media are often the only source of information on what governments are doing in these authoritarian societies. The leaders of media freedom are Western countries, including the United States. But Trump has railed against the media and refuses to inform reporters about his policies, and many wonder why.

Sadly, he calls them liars and crooks, as he often does. It also accuses them of spreading false information and distorting facts. However, this is not true, and it reminds us of how important freedom of the press is to democracy.

There are countries all over the world where people crave information not from their own leaders. One such country is North Korea. There’s nothing reported other than repetitive descriptions of the leader’s greatness and what he has done against his enemies, the most important of which is the United States.

We have seen the same scenario in other communist countries. The same was true in the Soviet Union and China, which are still reporting on the government’s achievements and the greatness of its leaders.

In countries where the press can tell stories from all over the country, as well as from other countries, educating people in this regard can be part of a democratic system. So why would Trump, the president of the world’s most powerful country, turn the tide in the media? What can he get or does he have anything to lose?

Journalists are notorious for revealing the truth, and he may be concerned about it. You have to wonder if this affects the way he constantly accuses them of fake news. Does it pave the way for the overthrow of everything they think against him? No one can hide forever, and if something has to come out, they’ll do it. This is democracy, openness and freedom of the press.

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