Freedom – Are We Really Free to Think and Act by Ourselves?

I am free to think, speak and act in my own way, and yes, I have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

We live in a free world, and we should have the freedom to choose what we want to think, be or do. The reality is that we live in a very conditioned world under the influence of the media. We tend to do or believe in what other people do.

We don’t seem to like using our minds, we’re just following the leader. “Famous” people sell their ideologies, and we just follow them. Freedom is no longer the same word. Its meaning is changing.

Freedom: the ability to act, speak or think without external constraints.

Freedom now: the ability to act, speak or think through ideas imposed by the media from outside.

Imagine what we can all do when we really have the ability to create our OWN thoughts and use them to live the life we want. As humans, we can create YOUR thoughts. We have the ability to avoid all external messages and create our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. It is always better to create your life than to simply respond to other people’s ideas.

Some people say that people only use about 10% of the brain. I’m not quite sure, but when I look back, I don’t feel like we’re using our brains in a positive way. Since childhood, we have learned to think based on the ideologies of others. Even in schools there is no class where one can learn to think or make your own thoughts and statements.

Freedom does not mean to think – or to be – the strangest, eccentric or quirky. We do NOT participate in these categories. Freedom is the ability to create YOUR thoughts and act or speak the way you think is best for you. You don’t have to accept all the things that society or other people (media) are trying to impose on you. If you follow someone’s ideology (music, movies, shows, books, products), take the time to analyze and evaluate whether it helps you grow as a person and be happy – or helps. Are you just because your friends, relatives or others are you following him? Maybe you just want to fit into this group of people. Maybe you just need to be loved and accepted.

People who can think for themselves are really FREE and independent. They’re positive people. They know what to believe and how to be happy. They decide what to listen to, how to talk, what to think about and how to act. They easily separate waste from decent materials. They take the time to think about what they want and focus on the life they want to live.

Are you too busy thinking about the most important decisions in your life? Do you lose the ability to think for yourself? Do you know how to use your mind in a positive way? Are you a FREE person or just following the media leaders?

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