The 6 Best Food Festivals Around The World 2022 Travel Around The World

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is an annual three-day celebration of all things garlic, making the city’s large garlic crops a national event and attracting visitors from across the country. Pushing your taste buds is the best way to experience some of Buenos Aires’ best restaurants and dishes on a budget while discovering a new favorite you wouldn’t normally eat. It’s also a great time for people to get together and enjoy spending time together. If you’re visiting any of the cities or countries listed here, be sure to plan your trip around the food festival for a truly delicious experience. Here’s a list of the top 10 food festivals in 2022 that every foodie on earth should try.

Visit the glorious Spanish capital of Madrid for three days of gastronomic excellence in January. Expect to see top global chefs like Hisato Hamada in northern Italy, identify trends in the gourmet market, sample authentic wines, and watch the Madrid Fusion Pastelry pastry contest in awe. Being a foodie in a world full of endless travel options is the perfect excuse to visit one of the best food festivals in the world. From chocolate extravaganzas in Europe to lobster tastings in the United States, we’ve scaled down 10 of the best global food festivals for the best food tour around the world. Taste festivals have spread to Cape Town, Hong Kong and around the world, but the London edition was the inaugural event and remains the most impressive.

Enjoy selected fine red wines paired with Guyenne cheese and foie gras from the food stalls. Then head out of town to stroll through the vineyards and enjoy themed tours in the acclaimed wine-producing castles and surrounding countryside. Every autumn, during every weekend for two months, the powerful aroma of the best truffles harvested in the nearby forests of Langhe and Roero fills the market at the Alba International Truffle Fair (5 October to 24 November 2019). The festival also offers a traditional donkey race, parade and re-enactments with hundreds of locals in medieval costumes. From street snacks to artisanal dishes, the delicious food and drinks you enjoy during your travels can make you purr contentedly. At food festivals around the world, you can enjoy culinary delights while gaining cultural insight.

This amazing festival showcases more than 500 different types of mangoes grown across the country and highlights delicious recipes created by notable Indian chefs. Everything at this festival revolves around the almighty mango, so don’t be surprised to see mango carvings, food contests, and even slogan-writing activities. You can also buy mango juices, jams and of course raw mangoes to take home before you leave the festival. The Food Network &Cooking Channel South Beach Wine &Food Festival is a large multi-day destination event featuring some of the world’s top producers, chefs and food personalities. The festival consists of more than 80 events that take place in South Florida in February. Many events are for adults only, but there are also some activities for the whole family.

Admission is free to enter the festival, but be prepared to have cash for food. It usually takes place in August for two days, but I plan to take public transport as there is no parking available near the festival site. Favorite events from previous festivals include Saturday night’s saliva roast, Hotel Zetta’s happy hour, and plenty of entertainment venues and music options. From the land where cattle seemingly have more people, the waters abound with seafood, and where sun-ripened fruits and vegetables grow forever, it’s no wonder Sydney hosts one of the world’s largest food festivals. It makes their mouths water when they think of all the delicious food that the streets of Delhi have to offer. Street vendors from all over the country travel to Delhi for this occasion, surprising people with a variety of street food.

While the Music City Wine + Food Festival may only be a few years old, it has a huge impact on the food world. This event is held in historic Bicentennial Park and features more than 60 food, wine and spirits vendors during The Grand Taste. A wide range of foods are served, including octopus, Corn Razeman ramen and white miso ice cream. And of course you can’t have a Southern food festival without the barbecue. Don’t miss Martin’s barbecue feast with whole pork, lamb, goat, fish, and a variety of other foods slowly cooked over a live fire.

Receive a day pass for delicious food, fun activities, and other fresh, innovative year-changing events. The event features the region’s best restaurants and chefs and honors Charleston’s culinary experience. Athletes, children and visitors take part in bike tours, mountain biking, hiking, snorkeling excursions and football tournaments during the day, while for the serious sports enthusiasts there is the Knysna Forest Marathon. Cocktail evenings, wine tastings and lunch buffets offer the opportunity to enjoy fresh, fried and marinated oysters to your heart’s content.

Festival visitors can go to each of the different participants and try the different types of pizza. Hours change, but you can count on food carts, trucks, markets, cooking classes, meet and greet renowned French chefs, and a focus on local cuisine. Scotland’s biggest free food and drink festival returns to Edinburgh and showcases the flavours of the country, along with a host of chef demonstrations and catch-up workshops. Sip tasty international street food, from poke bowls to fiery chili con carne, or sip on local produce, including the country’s iconic beverage, Scotch Whiskey. Escape to Freight Island, landing in Manchester’s urban food market and entertainment space and bringing top guest chefs, restaurants and bars to the already vibrant food scene at Depot Mayfield. As if you need another reason to visit the Caribbean, the Cayman Cookout is a great culinary event that takes place on Grand Cayman Island to celebrate the flavors of the region.

Enjoy tastings at Caesar’s Palace, lunches and dinners at The Venetian, rooftop parties at The Cromwell, and a list of other events held at various locations outside the strip. You’ll have the chance to see and learn from famous chefs and sample various dishes and drinks in the heart of Las Vegas. Maybe the day after this whirlwind of food festivals, you’re stuck on a roof somewhere, as was the case in The Hangover. The people at this festival do exactly what their name says they do! This crazy game is held every spring on the hill outside Gloucester, England, and is one of the strangest cultural food festivals in the world. All participants have to do is follow a few simple rules: watch a 9-pound round of Double Gloucester cheese run downhill, give it a second-second advantage, and then fall after it.

The end of the festival brings the Chocolate Awards, which are a tribute to the best chocolatiers and the most remarkable chocolate from all over the world. It may not be a festival as such, but La Tomatina is the biggest food fight in the world. The fun began when a quarrel between two farmers got out of hand in 1945 and 22,000 festival-goers descended on Buñol in Spain to recreate the ensuing struggle for food in the city Oktoberfest 2023 every year since. The festival is held on the last Wednesday of August, with six huge trucks used to dump 160 tons of tomatoes into the streets. See the biggest, best, and craziest food festivals the world has to offer, from quaint British cities to German craft beer extravaganzas and more. In addition to the marathon, the Chinchilla Melon Festival has other events, including pitting pitting and melon bungee jumping.