Things To Do In Hurghada Egypt In The Afternoon, Evening, Nightlife

He is especially popular with divers and divers who flock there to see the multicolored underwater reefs and the impressive marine life. With over 100 hotels, it is a popular exotic destination where you can still enjoy the sun and great beaches when other parts of the world are in the middle of winter. Mahmya Island, a small island off the coast of Hurghada, provides access to some of the lighter, bluer waters of the Red Sea, far from the busy nearby coasts. The island is accessible by boat and has facilities for eating and resting and for obtaining snorkeling equipment. Snorkeling in this area is a must, because the underwater life is clear, colorful and active and less crowded than at other snorkeling locations. Many sea life awaits on the many reefs just below the surface of the water.

Please note that women may be asked out of respect to cover their heads before entering the mosque. From diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea to desert tours, here are our tips for experiencing the best of Hurghada in 24 hours. Located in the open waters of the Red Sea, about an hour from Hurghada, the Careless Reef corals bloom again as they recover from the depredation of the crown of thorns. With excellent visibility, shallow peaks and a steep wall with caves Nile Cruise from Hurghada and cantilevers, it offers something for every diver, including the possibility of large pelagic fabrics. On the Alf Leila Wa Leila hotel grounds, 1,001 Nights is a celebration of Egyptian culture, color and dance with a variety of theater shows and theater shows. The many acts serve local dishes and drink the history and folklore of Egypt through live music, a sound and light show, belly dancing and a pharaonic horse show with stunts and horse riding.

To spend a night away from the hotel, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Hurghada is the Bedouin tours that many of the resorts offer. Located in Makadi Bay, the Mini Egypt Park Museum contains miniature models of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions and reflects the different stages and times of Egyptian civilization. The models are built with different materials, such as stone, bricks and cement. The number of models in the museum is approximately 55, including the Giza Pyramids, the Karnak Temple, the High Dam, the Alexandria Library, the famous Montazah Palace, the Cairo Tower and the Muhammad Ali Citadel. The museum also contains water bodies and lakes representing the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Nasser.

Some of the desert sports available here include desert jeep, quads and dune trips. These desert excitations can be found in Wadis, the large desert area of the acacia forests. Another unique journey available in this desert wonderland is camel riding. Camel rides are fun and guides are available to provide safety instructions.

Explore Ranco Travel Egypt the wonders of Luxor, Kairo, Diving, Quad safari, Airport transfers and Snorkling from Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh. Hurghada is one of the most important tourist centers in Egypt, popular with visitors from all over the world. The city of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh have been transformed in recent years from a small fishing village and have retained its natural and historical charm. From June to September, it is generally considered the best time to visit, especially if you want to snorkel and dive. During this period, the coast of the Red Sea has a much cooler climate than the interior of Egypt, with average temperatures of about 84 ° F (29 ° C) and sea temperature of about 80 ° F (27 ° C). If you choose to go in July and August, it is best to make a reservation early, as the complex is frequented by many European and American visitors, as well as Egyptians who want to escape the summer heat of Cairo.