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Coin-only ticket machines can also be found on public transport. To avoid having to get off the tram in a hurry or miss an irresistible baking fabric, it is best to have a few euros in your pocket at all times. That will take you to probably the only public toilet in town. Otherwise, you’ll need to make strategically timed stops at cafes, breweries, or museums. If you only spend 2 days in Munich, you probably have time for only one museum.

You will have no trouble getting into a tent before 18:00 on weekdays. On Friday, it can be more difficult to start around 4 p.m. On weekends, getting a table is a different story.

Consider buying a rail pass to save even more and travel as much as you want for a single price. The German rail system is one of the best in the world, so be sure to take a ride on the train while you’re in the country. You will be able to see incredible scenery and you will be able to move quickly and easily.

Or we should talk sweetly to a few Germans to let us share their table. Now that I’ve seen the stores firsthand, I understand it better. oktoberfest You can take any walk you want, walk around the fairgrounds, eat all the food, and you can enter any beer tent or garden that’s open.

There are 10 courtyards and 130 here, so you’ll find that a visit here can take up quite a significant part of your day, so plan your visit accordingly. Whichever way you want to classify Munich, it’s definitely one of the best German cities you should visit. There are so many things to do in Munich and so much fun.

Be the architect of your own trip as you discover the best things to do in Germany through expert tips, suggested routes, and practical maps. If a supermarket bill or a round of drinking seems more expensive than you expected, it could be due to Phand. In places like beer gardens or Christmas markets, a few dollars per glass is usually added to encourage you to return your cavities to a designated area once you’re done. Deposits are often returned in exchange for a token that is delivered when you pay.

The point is that very few munich residents live there. But did you know that there is a second place in the city where you can enjoy the famous Hofbräu beer? Head to Max-Weber-Platz and you’ll find the Hofbräu winery. The Hofbräuhaus is a true institution in Munich. It has been responding to the needs and expectations of tourists for more than two hundred years. There are traditional live bands every night and the building itself is quite charming.

If you’ve rented an Air Bnb that includes parking, chances are you’ll squeeze even tighter. I am regularly surprised by the European Air Bnb garages where I have parked. I’ve even been stuck in claustrophobic “car lifts” twice. Otherwise, a parking ticket of 15 euros will be issued. Either way, you usually have to pay for parking. You don’t even need an international driver’s license.