Besmirching Manipur Media

Perhaps the Chief Minister of Manipura has donated 1.5 crore rupees to the separatists! But why did the army commander hire a journalist from another part of the country and the non-state-owned media? The causes will be more interpretable than what they have discovered. As a media person, we need to know the intentions behind this decision by the army commander. Why are the state media dirty? If the military does not trust the state journalist and the media, then hope for peace in the state is impossible. This is an indirect attack on the media, and we are wondering what the result will be.

We all know that the state is completely paralyzed in all directions. Corruption, insurgency, economic fiasco, ethnic clashes and human rights violations are shaking the state. And the media must be very specific and reliable to resolve situations. Journalists and the media should be able to support them in their mission to restore normalcy to the region. The military should cooperate with the media in Manipur, and the media, in turn, should treat the former fairly. The military position of publication and use of non-state journalists demonstrated the incorrect and impartial nature of the state media.

Freedom of the press must be protected as an inalienable human right in a free society such as India. This includes the freedom and responsibility to discuss, question and challenge the actions and decisions of our Government, be it the Council of Ministers of the State. Truth is the ultimate goal. The bias of editorial comments, which are deliberately deviating from the truth, contradicts the spirit of journalism. The media should not report unofficial allegations that are damaging to reputation or morality without giving the accused the opportunity to respond.

There is no denying that our media are ignorant or intentionally violating the aforementioned journalistic ethics. Our editorials never mention the goodwill and peaceful nature of the armed and security forces that have suffered for decades in the fight against the insurgency. Regardless of whether people are on the sidelines and leaving the army, the media and journalists should express their condolences or condolences to the armies that have been deployed in the region to serve us. None of the state or media reporters writes or expresses condolences to the fatal soldiers and armies lost on the battlefield. This led to the decision to provide information and significant military propaganda to the external media. Yes, it is really a disgrace and a stigma of regional media. Next time, focus on issues that can benefit people, the military, and society. Don’t let the state media kill!

Sometimes we read articles about Manipur in national newspapers such as the Times of India and the Hindustan Times. These articles, written by non-indigenous journalists, openly violated the code of conduct of journalists. An article published a year ago on car races in South Asia emphasized the author’s independence by singling out Manipur as part of a country selling sex. The writer warned protesters to avoid sex during a trip to Manipur. No one got up to challenge his unbound pen. In another incident, the information portal published the use of AIDS victims against the military to avoid problems with the rebels.

These hollowed-out journalists and media are attacking the regional media. So we have to improve to protect the feelings of people and the country. Manipur media are responsible for their reporting for the military and the public. And the public should be encouraged to express their dissatisfaction with the media. As a journalist working outside Manipur, we believe in public education as a harbinger of justice and in our constitutional role to seek the truth within the right of society to know it.

Today, Manipur publicly foreshadows the ploy of the Commander-in-Chief by hiring Saikat Dattu to accuse the head of our state, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh.

We recognize that rebel groups demand money, hold ransoms and earn money from different sources. But the open question of the admission of the revolutionary party is groundless and unreasonable. We do not believe the allegations of Saikat and the Chief of Staff of the Army, General J. J. Singh against Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh. Our media needs timely intervention and support to protect the murder of a KM character.

Comments by former Governor Of Manipur Ved Marwaj should not be taken into account. Why is he now reportinging to such a problem? Did his conscience never make him speak out and avoid these demands and torture of government officials? The head of the army should prevent the publication of such news. The sudden eruption would create farcical tensions between different ethnic groups, leading to peaceful coexistence. The report will also deter NSCN and other minority groups from strengthening their policies against insurgents in the Valley. We doubt that it should not allow new ethnic conflicts to emerge in the future. Now the whole state is under surveillance and stigmatization.

Will the Indian government consider increasing investment in the state? Little is in concern about the Centre’s development policy towards Manipur following such accusations against the head of state. We felt the intention of the army commander to blame the supporters of these revolutionary parties in Manipur. We are Indians, and we need peace and normality again. Military and traditional Indians should support CM and Manipur.